Swedish Painting Company provides a variety of interior and exterior painting and finishing services for residential and commercial clients in the Aspen and Snowmass areas. Whether you need to freshen up old paint, create a new color scheme or add specialty finishes, we can get the job done. With over 20 years in the painting industry, we can ensure a high-end, quality painting project that exceeds your expectations.

Residential Services

Our high-end residential services include a variety of painting techniques for interior and exterior surfaces. When it comes to luxury home painting, we take pride in our skilled craftsmanship.

Our experienced crews approach each project with attention to details and flawless, quality finishes. Our residential painting services include:

Interior painting and sprayed finishes

Exterior painting, staining and varnishes

Electrostatic painting Protective epoxy coatings

Color matching

Drywall repair

Custom faux finishes

Specialty wall glazes, patinas and waxes

Wall covering removal and installation

Shingle roofing oil

Concrete painting and sealing

Masonry sealing

luxury home painting and finishes

The difference between a high-end paint job and an ordinary paint job lies in the preparation and expertise. At Swedish Painting, we make sure that the work is done right, so you end up with a flawless finish. We take time to properly prepare all surfaces before painting begins. We choose only high-quality paints that cover well and provide excellent durability. Whether we are spraying or using a brush and roller, we make sure that the end results are perfect.

commercial painting

Commercial Services

Commercial spaces such as office buildings, retail showrooms, healthcare facilities and industrial warehouses get a lot of daily abuse. You need painting services that stand up to your work flow needs and employees, as well as the everyday tasks required to run your business. Our commercial services include:

Interior and exterior painting for small and large projects

Dry fall and other special industrial paint coatings

Protective graffiti coatings and sealers for brick and CMU exteriors

Wallcovering removal and installation

Specialty coatings for commercial flooring

Selecting the right paint color and finish for a commercial space is important to the image of your business. A great exterior paint job not only improves the appearance of your building, but it also helps to maintain the longevity of stucco, siding, doors, windows and trim. At Swedish Painting, we work with all types of interior and exterior commercial surfaces. We choose only high-quality paints that ensure superior durability and stand up to all types of Aspen’s outdoor elements throughout the year. With any paint job, proper preparation is essential to good results. We make sure rough surfaces are properly sanded, holes are sealed and patched, cracks are filled and sanded, and caulking around windows and doors is done right. We prime all surfaces before painting to ensure a superior appearance and the best long-term results.

Industrial Coatings

Swedish Painting Company offers proper surface preparation, abrasive blasting and skilled application of high-performance coatings for the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. Applying complete coating systems for long lasting corrosion protection and keeping the assets looking like new. Working on structural steel, water storage tanks, wastewater treatment plants along with any other project, Swedish is up to the task to deliver a high-end finish. Swedish Painting Company is experienced in the expanding thermal break market where energy codes on building envelopes are becoming tighter and technologies continually improve.
Industrial Coatings


From refinishing interior wood beams to stripping exterior metals we can blast the appropriate media to provide the surface you desire. Water towers to decorative furniture, we can execute.

Shop Services

Our team of experts at Swedish Painting can provide top-quality painting and finishing services for:

Residential and commercial furniture finishing

Cabinetry Millwork

shop services
We have our own shop, so we can provide exceptional custom finishing that keeps the dust and paint spray out of your home or office. A new coat of paint or stain may be all you need to update the look of old cabinetry and trim. It’s a simple, affordable way to change a color scheme and boost design appeal. Our expert team can help you choose a paint, stain or specialty finish that will transform the look of your space with stunning results. Our shop painters are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the detailed painting processes required for furniture, cabinetry and millwork finishes.

Choosing the Right Paint

Whether you’re painting interior walls and cabinetry or exterior facades, choosing the right paint is essential. Swedish Painting will help you choose the best paint quality, color and finish for every project. We will discuss your ideas, needs, goals and budget before we begin painting. When it’s time for new paint, choosing the right paint will give you the best coverage and save you money. Good paint should wear well and provide easy cleaning and maintenance for the surface it covers.

HIGH-GLOSS FINISHES – High-gloss paints are great for cabinets, doors, windows and trim. They provide maximum clean-ability with soap and water and need little maintenance. High-gloss finishes reflect light and always look fresh and bright.

SEMI-GLOSS FINISHES – Semi-gloss paints offer high durability and easy cleaning with a slightly lower sheen than high-gloss paints. They work well in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture, spills and stains are a problem and hide marks and fingerprints on walls and trim.

SATIN FINISHES – Satin paints provide a velvety, soft appearance and good durability. They offer an elegant finish that wears well on walls, ceilings, cabinetry, doors and trim. Proper application with a roller or brush is essential to get a smooth, flawless finish.

EGGSHELL FINISHES – Eggshell paints have a slight luster and provide medium durability and cleaning for walls, ceilings, doors, trim and cabinetry. Some people prefer the low-sheen finish of eggshell paints.

FLAT OR MATTE FINISHES – Flat paints contain maximum pigment, so they absorb light. Since there is no sheen, they provide minimal clean-ability and tend to show marks easily. Paints with higher sheen are recommended for areas that get a lot of wear and tear.


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